2021 APEC TVET Workshop



Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration for Talent Development and Inclusive Growth: Skills Training, Internships, Jobs and Women

Background & Current Project

Under the ongoing talent development scheme, the 2019 project extends the 2018 project for successful implementation of the model to create seamless collaboration between industry and academia. The strategic alliance seeks to provide talent solutions to narrow the skills gap. To strengthen the alliance, it is hoped that APEC economies’ delegates not merely attend but effectively acquire the essential components to collaborate in the near future. Besides, the 2019 workshop takes on two new tasks to traverse today’s workplace landscape in the APEC region, which are to identify the demands and challenges faced by women and how to prepare learners for the technology-enabled/digital economy. Thus, the 2019 project includes forum discussions, workshop demos, and CTE industry tours along with our website, where the latest related information will be posted highlighting women’s ability to use the resources available to navigate their careers and digital development as an integral part of economic growth.


The key objective of this project is: Strategize seamless network of cross-regional and interdisciplinary collaboration through industry-driven vocational education and training programs that cultivate talents to meet industry demands across economies and to encourage female participation in non-traditional sector.