2022 APEC TVET Workshop


Project Event

Website set-up

In the end of 2016, a dedicated website containing important information on policies, activities, and interviews from differing perspectives, will set up to encourage the sharing and dissemination of information, to inspire the creation of more TVET programs within the APEC region, and to foster familiarization of relevant best practices within the APEC community.

Workshop and industry visits

An opening workshop, which will comprise collaboration model sharing by participating economies, together with visits to the academia and industry sectors will be conducted during the span of three days June 2018. The tours will include visits to academic institutions in the engineering, healthcare, and tourism fields on the following days. The event is intended to share Chinese Taipei’s best practices implementing collaborative network built by academic institutions, private sector, and government organizations and to addresses the issue of youth employability by closing the gap between education and skills required for APEC region employment.

For details about project events, please refer to Agenda.